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Reverse Charades Original

CHARADES WITH A TWIST | Let’s get real… charades is fun, but Reverse Charades is a BLAST! Instead of one person acting out a clue for a team to guess, a team acts out clues for one person, so now everyone is in on the fun!

EASY TO LEARN, FUN TO PLAY | You’ll be having the time of your life seconds after you open the box! With a super fast setup and learning curve, you can add some life and energy to your party.

MULTIGENERATIONAL FUN | Create fun memories with family and friends of all ages with Reverse Charades! You won’t find anyone bored at your party or get together with Reverse Charades providing all the entertainment you’ll need.

PERFECT ICE BREAKER | Weather it’s for a family party or a team building activity, Reverse Charades will have everyone laughing in no time.

SPORTS EDITION | Are you a sports fan? Reverse Charades: Sports Edition features a plethora of charades cards with your favorite sporty topics.

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What else do we have for you?

SPORTS EDITION | Hey there sports fan, this edition of Reverse Charades is for you! Reverse Charades: Sports Edition is loaded with cards featuring your favorite sporty topics. Whether you like soccer, football, basketball, volleyball, etc., this edition has got you covered.

JUNIOR EDITION | With words like “wedgie,” “gorilla,” and, “pom poms,” your young’ns will love Reverse Charades: Junior Edition. They’ll be laughing their heads off in no time with this selection of goofy words.

HOLIDAY EDITION | Dive into your favorite holiday-related topics with this unique edition of reverse charades! This edition is particularly good for groups of randomly assorted people because who doesn’t love holidays?

GIRLS’ NIGHT IN EDITION | This one is for the ladies! This unique edition of Reverse Charades is sure to make you and your girls laugh, smile & have a great time.

HOLLYWOOD EDITION | Take your game night to the next level with this Hollywood Edition. From your favorite movies to your favorite actors/actresses, these cards will take you on a hilarious, fun ride.

CANADIAN EDITION, EH! | O Canada! Reverse Charades: Canadian Edition is loaded with your favorite Canada-related topics. Get ready to show your Great White Northern pride as you face-off against your fellow Canucks for some big time laughter.

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