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Girls Night Edition expansion pack

Girls Night Edition expansion pack

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Staying In is the new "going out". Strut your stuff for unforgettable fun an your next big soiree with women-themed words sure to add some outrageously fun sugar and spice to your already epic night with your favorite gals.

Reverse Charades: Girls' Night In Edition, an expansion pack for Reverse Charades, consists of 220 cards that feature women-themed words.

Game play remains the same as in the base game, with players divided into two teams. On a turn, all but one player on a team give charades-style clues to that one person left out, and that person guesses as many words as possible in sixty seconds. After each player on both teams has had a shot at guessing (and both teams have had the same number of turns), the team with the most words guessed wins.